Posted by Nate Williams


creACTIVISTS.COM was created to encourage kids and playful adults to improve their creative problem solving capabilities through art. It’s a place where anyone can download PDF files and create unique solutions to problems and situation. Anyone can UPLOAD their unique ideas to the gallery and hear feedback from the community.

A new creACTIVITY (pdf file) is available at the first of each month.

This month I am giving away some signed silkscreen posters.

What: I am giving away 3 sets of signed silkscreen posters.

How: Download one of the PDF files, create something awesome, UPLOAD it to the GALLERY.

When: On SEPTEMBER 1st 2012 I will show my 6 year old boy the images and he will choose his 3 favorite.

Rules: When you UPLOAD your image make sure you put an email address so I can contact you if you are the winner.